Panorama, looking West to North East (click the image to make it bigger)

The above panorama captures a few notable items at Deck Family Farm from this month.  Starting from the left…

  1.  our new Gator… i can’t believe we’ve gone so long without one of these vehicles.. it is invaluable for so many farm chores.
  2. The chicken greenhouse at the top of the hill where we over-wintered our flock last winter and currently brooding next year’s hens.
  3. The field in the front is being grazed by our sheep down to the ground so we can shortly till it and plant sudan grass for the summer season.  In the fall, this will be put back into a permanent pasture.
  4. The beef are visible in the middle of the photo, grazing the 9 acre portion of the north-slope of our “maternity” pasture.  Each paddoc is approximately 1 acre with 80,000 lbs to the acre stocking density.  We graze the beef tightly so the cows both trample grasses, eat a wider range of plants (including dock), and when we pull the animals off the pasture, the grasses have a better capacity to recover.