Victoria working the Deck Family Farm Farmer’s Market booth in Eugene

Born in New Jersey and raised in North Carolina, I found Deck Family Farm looking for work after my stent serving with the Peace Corps. What luck finding this gem tucked within the Willamette Valley! I had two years experience working on organic vegetable farms prior to Deck, but never worked with animals. I was enlightened by the work. The tenacity it takes to run and work an organic animal farm is immeasurable, but incredibly rewarding. I enjoyed learning and understanding the animals on the farm. Knowing where and how my meat and dairy are raised is a learned value that I will uphold. Food is nourishment for our bodies what we put into them should be treated with respect and care. Deck Family Farm serves as a great source of wealth in my life. The communal aspect required my active engagement allowing me to let down my guard, enabling me to tap into a reservoir of openness within myself. Its rare to work within a community that fosters open communication, knowledge, work, and play! Countless days passed where I would reflect and the morning felt like another day, but there in lyes the beauty! There is so much to be done in a day why waste time romanticizing what life can be and just live it! Deck Family Farm is a great place to enjoy working in an idyllic environment (hello 320 acres of forested wonderment!) while learning about organic farming and yourself. Ok, this post is supposed to be about me but I had to gush for a minute. While here I worked with all the animals, milked, performed administrative duties, and worked markets. I was fortunate enough to gain experience in several aspects of the farm. Markets were my favorite! Traveling to Portland or Eugene to sell our product at market is beyond fun! Sampling may be the best part. You get to cook, eat, and share Deck products all in one go! Another activity I enjoyed were the educational farm “walk-abouts”.  Weekly we choose a topic and get a lesson on the subject paired with a venture out into the field to put what we learned to practice. These tours sometimes took us off farm and we gained access to different restaurants, businesses, and farms in the Willamette Valley. Working in Agriculture and being a foodie I loved being able to see and learn about the different business structures in the Lane County food system. This area is one of the best for Agriculture. The County is uber supportive (not literally, no Uber here #justsayin) of slow food, local food, organic food. So if you enjoy good food, good music, and good people, try Deck.