A beautiful day for a walk yesterday. The pigs are grazing the Owen’s valley field called “Mid-west” and “Mid-east” and busy turning up the ground as natural plows. The biennial grasses we planted several years ago are reverting to more of their annual habits, meaning they are going to seed sooner than we like and not as productive in the late summer. To renovate this field, we are inserting two years of pigs alternating with annual crops: we will be planting this as Sudan grass this summer and back to a cover crop next Winter, followed by pigs in late fall or early Spring of 2018. In Spring of 2018 we will be reverting this field back to a permanent pasture. After this, it will be at least 8 years before pigs again visit this field.

For this particular field, this has been our rotation:

2006-2009 Vegetable ground
2010 Planted to a biennial pasture. Hay/Sheep/Cow rotations
2014 overseeded with biennials (rye grass and red clover)
2011-2016 chicken and turkey grazing. Hay/Sheep/Cow rotations
2016-2018 pig grazing. Summer annual/Winter Cover.
2018 plant to a permanent pasture