Deck Family Farm Turkeys in October, 2016

Every Thanksgiving, we sell over a hundred of our pasture-raised turkeys to families up and down the Willamette Valley. We raise a variety of heritage turkeys, including Bourbon, Narraganset, Blue Slate, White Holland, Bronze, and White turkeys. Our birds are typically available a few weeks prior to Thanksgiving in a range of sizes.

Why are we talking about turkeys in March? Well, we know that we are not alone in enjoying turkey products year-round so we saved some breast meat to make sliced, smoked turkey and used the thighs, drumsticks, and trim to make sausages (following a new Italian-style recipe)! This weekend at market, you can re-live those glorious gobble-gobble days by eating products from the whole bird!

Italian turkey sausage and sliced turkey breast, both $8/pack at our market booth!