Gathered around our table this last Wednesday, we had our weekly community night, consisting of farm family and interns, better known as our “Farmily”.  Amidst talk of organizing who is taking out the trash and compost and arranging who will be cooking over the coming week, we also regularly express our appreciations for each other and the greater world, an important part of living together in community.  The OTHER important part of our community evenings is sharing a meal, which encompasses so much for us, as it always features at least one or two items we produce on the farm.  Over the years, this has led to many fun and interesting meals.

This last Wednesday, Kaeden Novotney was head chef, and came up with this recipe, which we’re sharing with you (click HERE to download a PDF of the recipe itself).  This recipe features Deck Family Farm Pork Spare Ribs which are always a family favorite, with a great combination of flavor from the pork itself and tangy notes of mustard, balanced by Deck Family Farm honey, cumin, garlic, and a dash of tabasco.  Fee free to download the recipe itself and visit our farm stands this weekend to purchase both the Pork Spare Ribs and the Honey from one of our market booths.

Beer and Honey Braised Spare Ribs (as appearing at DFF table on April 26, 2017)