Pasture-RaisedCertified OrganicSoy-FreeCorn-FreeGMO-FreeFeed source
Grass-Fed BeefYesOregon TilthYesYesYesGrass from farm
Organic Pastured Laying HensYesOregon TilthYesYesNorthwest organic peas; local organic wheat; northwest organic barley; organic corn
Pasture-Raised PorkYesYesYesNorthwest peas; local wheat; northwest barley; organic corn
Jersey Dairy CowsYesYesYesNorthwest
Spring LambYesYesYesYes40 mile radius from our farm
Pasture-Raised TurkeysYes90% Soy Free90% GMO freeTurkey starter is required for the first four weeks of life, then transitioned to a similar blend as pigs
Pasture-Raised BroilersYesBroiler blend from CHS (member owned)

This table was updated in June, 2016.  We mill feed twice per week using a 2 ton mixer mill, soak most of our grain for our layer flock, and source as much as possible from local grain farmers, or at least grain grown from the northwest.  80% of our feed is milled on-site and over 75% is grown in the Willamette Valley.