We recently celebrated our 10th anniversary of farming in the Willamette Valley. In that time, we’ve raised and cared for thousands of animals, watched our children grow, and provided a place for our colleagues to work and interns to live as they learned the ins and outs of pasture-based farming. It’s been an incredible journey.

Deck Family in Spring of 2012

Our farm operation is varied and includes management intensive grazing, milking, livestock handling and birthing, haying, meat processing, building projects and maintenance. Our products include pasture-raised pork, pastured chickens, egg layers, grass-fed beef, Spring lamb, and to a lesser degree walnuts, apples and honey. We also offer a cooperative for our dairy products through our buying club called The Creamy Cow cooperative. Conservation projects have included wetland, riparian and forest restoration projects.

RJ pulling the manure spreader in 2014

Deck Family Farm is situated on 320 acres within the Willamette Valley of Oregon, just 25 miles northwest of Eugene. An aerial view of Deck Family Farm, taken from Google Earth, shows some of our varied topography, including mixed-conifer forest, 3 creeks, and seasonal wetlands. The inset image shows our regional location, in the Willamette Valley and flanking the coastal range. We are a short drive to both the coast and the Cascades.

Aerial View of Farm from 2013