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unlimited selection of organic seasonal vegetables, berries, grass-fed and pasture-raised meat, dairy, eggs, and heirloom grains.

Weekly drop sites

Eugene, Corvallis, and Portland.

Trust, Honesty, Partnership

free choice, full diet CSA style allows members to become part of their local food system on a deeper level. Seasonal and weekly farm dinners included.

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Contact the farm by calling 541-998-4697 or emailing to deckfamilyfarm@gmail.com to sign up now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “Full Farm CSA”?

The Full Farm CSA (or FFCSA) is intended to be a full diet, free choice CSA program, meaning members can order everything that they will need for a well rounded, seasonal diet all year round. The FFCSA includes staples such as organic vegetables and grains, grass fed and pasture raised meat and dairy, as well as animal fats (lard and butter), honey and walnuts. Members use an online order form to choose items they will receive in their weekly share. All products are grown in Junction City, Oregon on three organic farms: Deck Family Farm, Sweet Leaf Organic Farm and Lonesome Whistle farm. Deck Family Farm compiles and distributes products from the three farms weekly.

Is the FFCSA really free choice?

Yes! -with a few exceptions: we ask that with each weekly order, FFCSA members order only what they can personally eat in 1 week. In the peak of the growing season we will encourage members to order extra for freezing and canning to supplement the winter months. Some items, which are scarce, energy intensive or costly to produce (such as cured meats or early season tomatoes) will have a weekly limit, so that all FFCSA members will have an equal opportunity to enjoy the bounty!

How do I sign up?

We will take new subscriptions for the first of each month. If you missed the April first start date-don’t worry! We can sign you up to begin in May. All FFCSA members must have a meeting either in person or over the phone with the folks at Deck Family Farm to go over logistics and commitment. Call Deck Family Farm to set up your appointment. FFCSA members sign up for a full year and can resubscribe after 12 months from initial sign up. Payment is made monthly by direct deposit.

How do I make my weekly order?

All FFCSA members must make their entire order by Wednesday PM on our online order form so that we can have it ready for Friday pick up or Saturday delivery.

How do I pick up my weekly order?

Members have the option to have orders delivered to drop sites Saturday in Portland, Corvallis and Eugene or to pick up their order at the Deck Family Farm on Fridays 4-6pm.

What are the benefits of picking up at the farm?

Members who come to the farm on Friday PM can enjoy a free dinner using the week’s seasonal FFCSA ingredients. There is also a possibility of last minute add-ons of meat, milk and eggs for members who pick up at the farm.

What if I want to go on vacation?

Members can pick up to 4 weeks throughout the year that they will not receive farm products and will not be charged for those weeks.

How much is the FFCSA?

FFCSA Cost to members is $80/week for adults, $40/week for children 6-10yrs. Free for children 5 and under. Payments are made monthly by autopay through your bank.
Sliding scale options are available for low income families.

Why join the FFCSA?

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a food system model that builds connections between community members and their farmers, making food production a community event where the benefits and risks are shared. Farms benefit from educated and invested members, members benefit by transparency and lower prices. Lastly, the FFCSA helps members eat super seasonally, super locally!