What is the “Full Farm CSA” and why join?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a food system model that builds connections between community members and their farmers, making food production a community event where the benefits and risks are shared. The intent of the Full Farm CSA is to be a full diet, personally crafted CSA program, meaning members can choose how much to contribute as well as which products they get each week to a create well-rounded, seasonal diet. Member farms benefit from educated and invested community members, while community members benefit from transparency and lower prices.We use the term “Member” in place of “Consumer” as each member is fully invested and an integral part of making the CSA happen. Members end up eating “whole” foods and cooking at home more often. By eating seasonally and locally, not only do both members and farms benefit, but we are also able to reduce our footprint.

Where does the food come from?

All products are grown in Junction City, Oregon on the following farms: Deck Family Farm, Sweet Leaf Organic Farm, Organic Corner Market, L’Etoile Farm, Little Wings Farm, Lonesome Whistle farm, Beetanical Apiaries, and Camas Country Mill.  All member farms are committed to producing local and nutrient dense foods.  By working together, we can bring you a truly “full” diet CSA. Deck Family Farm is spearheading the project by compiling and distributing products weekly.


How do I sign up?

Sign-ups are all year round!  Please call or send us an email for the sign-up documents and we will get in touch to go over a few points over the phone or in person. We take sign ups for the first of each month but like to have all documents signed and the first month paid for before the 15th of the previous month that you would like to start. Members sign up for a full year and can re-subscribe after 12 months from initial sign up. Payment is made monthly by automatically reoccuring payments.

What are my product options?

The FFCSA includes staples such as organic vegetables, heirloom grains, grass fed and pasture raised meat, raw dairy, honey, walnuts and animal fats (such as lard and butter). A seasonal availability chart can be viewed at the bottom of this page and interested members can also check out our online member store to get a feel for the different product options available. For more information on raw dairy please visit: https://www.realmilk.com/.

How do I make my weekly order?

All FFCSA members have an online account that they log in to weekly to make their order. At our online member store, members are able to see a full inventory of what is available that week as well as a weekly “example box” which changes to reflect all the goodies that are at the peak of ripeness. Each item has a “value” which reflects the cost to the FFCSA to get that product to the member.  Members can order whichever products they like each week so long as they stay at or under their monthly contribution amount. If a member has under ordered at the end of the month, that amount will be “rolled over” into a credit for next month’s ordering. Members put together their online order between Monday at 5 pm and Wednesday at midnight. 

How do I pick up my weekly order?

Members have the option to have orders delivered to drop sites: Saturday in Portland (PSU and Hollywood Farmer’s Markets) or Eugene (Corner Market, Lane County Farmer’s Market). Tuesdays in Corvallis, or to pick up their order Fridays at the Deck Family Farm from 4-6pm. Members are advised to bring their own totes, coolers and bags to pick up their product. 

What are the benefits of picking up at the farm?

Members who come to the farm on Friday PM can enjoy a free dinner using the week’s seasonal FFCSA ingredients during the summer. Members who don’t normally pick up at the farm can let us know when they make their weekly order on Wednesday if they would like to join us for dinner that week if during summertime or if they’d just like to come out for a visit and pick up their order at the farm for that week. 

How much is the FFCSA?

FFCSA cost to members is sliding scale, and depends on what the family or individual wants to contribute. There is a $60/week minimum contribution for each household and the maximum contribution is endless! For the “full diet challenge” (committing to eating only a seasonal and local diet for a year!) our suggestion is $80/week per adult and $40/week for children 6-10yrs. There is a one time $100 sign up fee for first time members. Members may not over order past their contribution for a given month, but if they under order, that amount will be “rolled over” into a credit for next month’s ordering.  FFCSA members can notify the FFCSA admin if they think they may need to change their monthly contribution to better reflect their ordering needs, but we’d prefer to keep changes to a minimum.

If you are thinking about the “full diet challenge”, we calculated the prices below based on what we thought an “average” member might spend on groceries in one week:

                                                                                OTHER SOURCES   FFCSA

Pasture raised meat (½ pound per day at $12/lb):        $42                $30       

Raw Dairy (1/2 gal milk, 5 oz goat cheese):                  $20                $15

Pasture Raised Orgainc Eggs (1 dozen):                      $8.50             $7.81

Organic heirloom grains:                                                $6                  $5

 Total:                                                                               $96                $73.81

As you can see from above, we estimate that the typical adult can easily spend $96 or more on local, organically raised products. The same amount of products ordered through the FFCSA would total to less than $80/week, making it easy for members to keep to their full diet challenge goals. By committing to this diet, you may actually find that you will be able to save money by eating more “whole” foods and eating at home more often, without having to order in bulk. 

Can I go on vacation?

If at the end of the 12 month commitment, your family has under-ordered between 1- 4 times your weekly budget amount, that amount can be rolled over into “credit” for your next year’s subscription or  another month’s worth of products if you choose not to re-enroll. For example: if your family’s weekly budget is $200, at the end of your subscription year, you will have contributed $10,400 to the CSA. But if you have only ordered $9,600 worth of product by the end of your subscription year, you can get up to $800 more credit to order (up to 4 weeks more worth of ordering).  We therefore suggest, as you are thinking about that perfect contribution amount that will work for you and your family, to make the number slightly higher than you would think, as this gives you some buffer room at the end of each month and there is still the opportunity for extra order time at the end of the year.

    Seasonal Availability of Products

This is our best estimate and  not a guarantee of availability. Our online member store will be updated weekly as the year progresses.