Pasture-Raised Cows

Grassfed Cattle

Our cows are raised and finished the way nature intended – on 100% grass. Grass-fed beef has more beneficial fatty acids and is healthier than grain-fed beef.


Creamy Cow Dairy

Our Jersey dairy cows are pasture-raised. We milk twice daily and take pride in the high quality of our milk, cream, butter, and cheese products, available through our Creamy Cow Cooperative. We also supplement our hogs typical diet with raw milk during the year.


Pasture-Raised Pigs

We allow our hogs to root around in open pastures. Their well-rounded diet and exercise results in higher quality meat relative to conventionally raised pork that’s also more lean.


Spring Lamb

Our lambs are raised and rotated on pastures throughout the year. We will occasionally graze our lambs on other organic land. These are either dedicated pastures or cover crops on other organic farms.


Pastured Chickens & Turkeys

We raise Freedom Ranger meat birds – a great pasture-loving alternative to the Cornish Cross). We also raise Bourban, Bronze, and White Turkeys. All birds are raised on pasture and housed at night to prevent predation.


Laying Hens

We have two separate flocks currently: our Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth hens (roughly 1000 ladies) and our No Soy hens (roughly 500 birds).  Laying hens play a vital role in our pasture management as they contribute to the fertility of our soils through their manure, as well as help break up parasite life cycles for our other livestock species like cattle, sheep, and pigs. Read more here.