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Beef herd on sorghum-sudan grass

About our barn fire November 9th: Donate at YouCare

Demonstrating our pig-powered pasture renovation
using time-lapse photography over a 2 week period

Pasture-Based Farming at Deck Family Farm

Our goal is to raise healthy, happy animals using organic methods. We respect our animals and and have implemented a pasture-based system with the goal of providing a natural habitat that mimics what their wild ancestors lived in. Pasture raised animals not only live a more stress free life than their confinement fed counterparts but they also grow to provide a tastier and healthier meat. As a certified organic operation, we rely on natural cycles to build soil fertility and never use hormones or antibiotics. Our commitment to you is to raise the healthiest, happiest animals possible and we believe, that in turn, these animals will provide you with great nutrition and amazing taste.

Try our Products in your Home!

Find out how to bring our products home by visiting our ordering page. You can purchase from one of our 7 farmers markets in Eugene and Portland or at a local grocery store near you. The Resources page includes handy recipes and related links about the nutritional features of grass-based meat.


  • Complete cob building workshop at Deck Family Farm
  • Pay it forward with Deck Family Farm using Credibles
  • Earthsong Farm School holds summer camps and Saturday playdays at the farm.
  • We hold special farm tours by appointment for your group (call to schedule) or drop by for a casual visit Monday through Saturday

  • Food is produced and collected where it is raised,
    translating to amazing omelletes!

    phone: (541) 998-4697
    Street Address: 25362 High Pass Rd, Junction City, OR 97448 (directions)
    Mailing Address: PO Box 565, Junction City, OR 97448