Deck Family Farm is a 320-acre organic farm in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. We raise cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, and turkeys on grass pastures, providing a natural habitat that mimics what their wild ancestors lived in.

Pasture raised animals not only live a more stress free life than their confinement-fed counterparts, but they also grow to provide a tastier and healthier meat.

As a certified organic operation, we rely on natural cycles to build soil fertility and never use hormones or antibiotics. Our commitment to you is to raise the healthiest, happiest animals possible and we believe that, in turn, these animals will provide you with great nutrition and amazing taste.

  • Pick of the Pasture 12/9/17
    This week’s Pick of the Pasture is Lamb Chops for $8.50/lb Here’s 12 recipes we found on Pintrest that are perfect for Date Nights 12 Lamb Chop Recipes Perfect For Date Nights | Homemade Recipes ... read more
    Source: Deck Family Farm BlogPublished on 2017-12-05
  • Pick of the Pasture 12/2/17
    This weekend at your local farmers markets Save $1 on our pasture raised Hazel Nut Fished Pork Chops $8.75/ lb Here’s a link to a great recipe I found on Pintrest: ... read more
    Source: Deck Family Farm BlogPublished on 2017-11-28
  • Fill Your Pantry Portland
    Fill Your Pantry Portland 2017 Online pre-order sales end tomorrow!  Fill Your Pantry-Portland 2017!  Online Ordering Period: November 8 – 28 The Big Day: December 3rd Where: The Redd – 831 SE Salmon St., Portland When: 11:00 am-3:00 pm  How: Pre-order online with debit/credit card or use your SNAP benefits* The Fill Your Pantry event is an excellent opportunity for community members to purchase bulk quantities of staple and storage crops directly from farmers. Stock up with dry beans, ... read more
    Source: Deck Family Farm BlogPublished on 2017-11-27
  • Pick of the Pasture 11/25/17
    Save an extra .50 cents per pound on this week’s pick of the pasture! Roasters @ $4.50/lb Our Cornish cross Rock Roasters are raised on our AGA Certified Organic Pastures They live the most happy chicken lives a chicken can live! Check out Pintrest for new meals to try.   ... read more
    Source: Deck Family Farm BlogPublished on 2017-11-21