Deck Family Farm is a 320-acre organic farm in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

We raise cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, and turkeys on grass pastures, providing a natural habitat that mimics what their wild ancestors lived in.

Pasture raised animals not only live a more stress free life than their confinement-fed counterparts, but they also grow to provide a tastier and healthier meat.

As a certified organic operation, we rely on natural cycles to build soil fertility and never use hormones or antibiotics.

Our commitment to you is to raise the healthiest, happiest animals possible and we believe that, in turn, these animals will provide you with great nutrition and amazing taste.

Latest Posts


  • Results of our soaked, hammer-milled organic layer feed experiment March 31, 2015
    Author: Alex Prediger (Deck Farm Intern from April 2014 to April 2015)Background: In order to test the efficiency of a new soaked-feed layer ration, we undertook a feed trial last fall. In this trial, we compared two different organic feeds: a complete-ration layer pellet and a Deck Family Farm milled and soaked feed. The layer […]
  • Early Spring Update from Deck Family Farm March 13, 2015
    We've had some unseasonably nice weather recently - warm days, little rain.  This has given us a chance to clean out some barns, start our grazing season, and get some chicks started!Nine hundred cute chicks arrived today!  These will be laying eggs starting this October.  The breeds include Auracanas, Black Australorps, and Brown Leghorn.We've been […]